Atomic Cheesecake Productions LLC is a film and photo production company in Philadelphia, PA. It was born way back in the year 2006, founded by Ryan Suits while attending film school as a label he could affix to his developing aesthetic. Inspired by the avant-garde and the campy sexploitation flicks of the 60’s and 70’s, he looked at the current media landscape and saw a world full of crass commercialism, sarcastic nihilism, and post-ironic hipsterdom; a world lacking in effuse appreciation for whimsy, beauty, and joy. He set out to combine his love of the arthouse, campy, underground cinema with a modern take on the cheesecake pin-up aesthetic.

Today Ryan and his wife Jillian continue this vision. Through their photographic work they constantly experiment with new styles that evoke mystical, ethereal, and otherworldly visions.

ACP also specializes in stereoscopic imagery, and we have produced several 3D short films and View-Master reels. Our 3D films have been available on several 3D VOD platforms, most now lost to the ages of the post-Avatar 3D bubble. All of our 3D films are available in 3D DCP for theatrical screenings. For screening requests and other inquiries: E-mail us.

We also provide various production and post-production services, including DCP mastering, Blu-ray & DVD authoring, and tape conversions.

This website and all films and images contained therein are Copyright 2006-2017 Atomic Cheesecake Productions LLC, except where otherwise noted.