Breast Around: Electric Boobaloo


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Brace yourself for THE BREAST AROUND: ELECTRIC BOOBALOO, a film so outrageous you’ll be utterly astounded with its audacious odes to the naked truth. Chastity Jones, imbued with the incredible breast cancer cure, encounters corporate charity crook Darla Miser cleaving to a conspiracy to commodify the panacea to pad her pockets. Before she becomes abreast of the booby trap, perky pop star Moxxie pops her top and through miraculous magnification makes her massive mondo mammaries recklessly undulate through the city streets. Can Chastity knock her down to size? Will she measure up to the task of saving the city and vaporizing the voluptuous vixens, or will she be stuffed into the schism of oblivion by the double duo?

A psychotronic kaleidoscope of billowy beauties collide in a cinematic smorgasbord in THE BREAST AROUND: ELECTRIC BOOBALOO. A film so over the top you’ll be jerked out of your seat and jammed into a high camp on outlandish twin peaks of monumental proportions! Starring curvaceous cuties London AndrewsSierra McKenzie, and P-Chan, with appearances by Lillias RightFreshie Juice, Miss Scarlett Storm, and Smurfasaur. Directed by Ryan Suits.


The original short that inspired it all! Chastitty Jones’ miraculous discovery of a cure for breast cancer comes with a deadly consequence – a doppelganger bent on infecting the planet! With the odds stacked against her, and armed with only her wits, Chastitty must unleash the power of her greatest assets to defeat Melonoma’s mutatious ways. Statuesque superstar London Andrews doubles as both buxom heroine and vivacious villainess in the ultimate Russ Meyer-esque battle of the boobs.

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