Buxom Black Light Paint Party

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Trippy, messy, and full of curvy cuties! Enter a psychedelic massage parlor, a sensual body painting studio, and a neon hot wax session. Saturate your eyes with the hypnotic colors adorning the bodies of these thick and busty models. Watch as their voluptuous forms transform into glowing canvases! Featuring Essa Terick, Lauren Chantel, Freshie Juice, Ramona Flour, Lillias Right, and Sierra McKenzie.

Freshie and Ramona – Naked Paint Party

A behind the scenes look at a blacklight body paint photo shoot. We asked Freshie Juice and Ramona Flour to get creative and paint each other! Watch as the two curvy tattooed models adorn each other with vibrant designs and get messy with the excess pigments.

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Come into Lauren Chantel‘s psychedelic massage parlor, where Essa Terick receives a soft sensual massage with blacklight latex paint, transforming their voluptuous body into a glowing canvas. Essa Terick turns the tables and teases Lauren into a psychedelic painting of her own. The two get stuck together and peel off all the latex off their naked bodies. Trippy, messy, and full of curvy cuties!

Take a trip with Freshie Juice to the psychedelic Electric Waxland as Freshie’s curvy figure is adorned with vibrant lights and ultraviolet wax.

Buxom Blacklight Wax Play

Things get hot as Lauren Chantel covers Essa Terick with ultraviolet wax.

Ultraviolet Rain ~ Lillias Right

Watch as nude model Lillias Right is slowly covered in blacklight latex body paint. She colors outside the lines as the vibrant pigments drip down her and swirl together. Her curvaceous body becomes the canvas of a psychedelic abstract work. After seeing this video you’ll never look at watching paint dry in the same way!

Ultraviolet Mermaid – Sierra McKenzie

Watch as nude model Sierra McKenzie transforms herself into a curvy ultraviolet mermaid. A behind the scenes look at a blacklight body paint photo shoot.


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