ViewMaster Reel – Light Painting Nudes in 3D #2

ACPVM007 Light Painting Nudes Reel 2

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ACPVM007 – Light Painting Nudes in 3D Reel #2. Limited edition View-Master reel, featuring 7 3D stills of the nude female form vibrantly illuminated by long exposure light paintings. Available with or without a viewer.

Curvy models featured in this reel include London Andrews, Sierra McKenzie, Lillias Right, Ms. Gottalottabody, Kathryn Louise, Faye Daniels, and Essa Terick.

These are brand new items, not vintage reels. Atomic Cheesecake Production’s ViewMaster reels feature our original stereoscopic photographs, produced in very limited quantities, and available exclusively on our Etsy shop.

While View-Master reels can be fun for everyone, ours prominently feature nudity, so don’t get these for your kids.

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